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Posted by Stefan Savic on 10:03 AM

App Name: TSC Music - Experience the new way of hearing

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

TSC Music - Experience the new way of hearing is a music app for your iOS devices that suit your range of needs, leaving it completely up to you to decide how much depth and clarity of the music you wish to hear, keeping in mind that it does not go above the normal hearing levels. Eventually, this app sums up to become the first music app that prevents hearing loss and increases hearing capacity. It truly gives you the power to hear the music, the way you would actually prefer at its best.

Standout features:

- Equalizes perfect sound with Active EQ

- Generates hearing status and auditory condition with graphical interactive charts

- Improves hearing ability with Threshold Sound Conditioning technology

- Adjusts sound according to hearing condition of each ear

- Integration with YouTube and Sound Cloud

- Download the app “TSC Music” app and integrate it with other music apps like YouTube, Spotify and Sound Cloud to enjoy the unlimited music. Get the app and never hesitate to listen to your favorite music!

Developer: Earlogic Corporation

Most Relevant User Review:

“It is a Powerful Tool to protect your hearing and give you a quality sound. Great! Sound via Bluetooth seems good.”

App Store Download Link: TSC Music - Experience the new way of hearing

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