Virtous App Digest – Airtime - new movie and tv show releases

Posted by Stefan Savic on 8:16 AM

App Name: Airtime - new movie and tv show releases

Category: Entertainment

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Airtime - new movie and TV show releases are and for the ones who are always waiting for new TV series, movies and shows etc. as this app will help you to know about the time remaining for your favorite show to be on the air. The countdown timer will show you the days, hours, minutes and seconds left for your favorite program and don’t worry at all if you forgot to remember the exact time, simply turn on the notification for your favorite one and it will remind you of the time.

Standout features:
It offers clean and initiative interface with smooth navigations.
Search the movies and shows by their genres
Search for your most wanted media content by name.
Get the notifications when your favorite movie and tv show releases are about to start
Share the best ones with your friends.
Track the release date for 1000s of contents
And much more…

Developer: Dejan Atanasov

App Store Download Link: Airtime - new movie and tv show releases