Virtous App Digest – Bizi - The Personal Secretary

Posted by Stefan on 1:14 PM

App Name: Bizi - The Personal Secretary

Category: Business

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Bizi - The Personal Secretary app automatically switches your phone’s sound profile based on where you are and in which state you are. This app is so easy to use. Its simple interface lets you easily to customize your profile setting for your phone ringer. By the use of this app Your phone will know when to shut its mouth, for instance, when you enter cinemas or attend a meeting in the office or you want some relaxation sleep.

Standout features:

· One Click Activation, with the Widget.

· White List and Black List: Get only certain whitelist contacts to ring on certain occasions.

· for an example, your coworkers and boss will always ring when you are at work, your friends will be muted. That thing will go the opposite after work.

· Get the app to know your calendar. Let it enter to “vibrate” mode for every meeting and beep shortly when the meeting time is over, reminding you to move on.

· Let the app know when do you sleep, and go into total silence on your nights.

Developer: Top Productivity

Most Relevant User Review:

“Such a great app!!! The ideas that I can create my own state- love it!”

Google Play Download Link: Bizi - The Personal Secretary