Virtous App Digest – Progress Graphs

Posted by Stefan on 8:57 AM

App Name: Progress Graphs

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: App Store and Google Play

Price: Free. In App Purchases are available, if required.

Who is it for?

· For working professional mums and dads, new parents, students, recent graduates

· For users that want to plan and visualize their goals

· For people that want to become more productive in their daily life

Standout features:
· Create notes with heading, sub-texts & dates.

· Upload images with or without input of text

· Download your content into PDF format.

· Share it via email or other apps

· Create and access your graphs without Internet connection

· 17 professionally designed, copyrighted and developed from scratch themes

· Elegant, creative and simple design

· High-quality user experience and ease in creating timelines

· Content is by default 100% secured and stored on your device

· Works on phones and tablets

Check out its full set of features & usage by visiting its Facebook page, YouTube Channel or official website.

App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

Google Play Download Link: Progress Graphs

YouTube: Progress Graphs

Facebook: Progress Graphs

Official Website: Progress Graphs