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App Name: Drawing Desk - Draw, Paint, Doodle & Sketch board
Category: Productivity
Platform: iOS
Price: Free
Who is it for?
Drawing Desk - Draw, Paint, Doodle & Sketch board is the First Ever 3D brush stroking App for your iOS that brings a pack of four different drawing tools in one single app. these tools are defined as, Kids Desk, Doodle Desk, Sketch Desk and Photo Desk. As the name suggests, Kids desk is targeted especially to young kids, doodle desk is for people who want to draw doodles, sketch book is for people with good artistic skills as it brings some advanced tool, and in the last it is photo desk, where you can edit you photos by choosing between dozens of stamps and other effects to enhance your pictures.
Standout features:
  •  User-friendly features and tools
  •  There Are three apps in one
  •  Contains a Kids Desk which is meant just for kids
  •  Save your drawings
  •  Share drawings by email, Facebook, or Twitter
  •  Print from within the app
  • Great Collection of 3D brushes
  • Great Collection of Stamps
  • Great Collection of Stickers
Developer: 4 Axis Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Most Relevant User Review:

"This game is so fun! There are 4 different types of desks. Photo desk (edit and draw on photos), Kids desk (draw with crayons, markers, and glitter glue!), Doodle desk (lots of different types of pens, like 3D, stickers, and more!), and Sketch Desk (For advanced drawers.) Each one is SO COOL. Plus, if you want to do just fill in the drawing, go to Doodle desk and click on Doodles. Really pretty drawings will come up, and you can fill them with the bucket tool. You can do the same at Kids desk, by clicking on things, but those aren't very advanced. Hope, if you do get it, you will enjoy it as much as I do!"
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