Virtous App Diggest – LifeHue a personal wireless lighting app that makes difference

Posted by Stefan on 2:03 PM

App Name: LifeHue

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

LifeHue was designed especially for all of seekers or perfectionists, looking for fresh energy to make your home more exciting and enjoyable by the lighting system. Download it for free and start making changes in your home by improving the quality of lighting which has a very important role in one's household. LifeHue can help you to impress your partner by creating quite romantic light ambient for you to enjoy it for hours.

Standout features:

- Easy to pick and use

- a personal wireless lighting app

- multiple impressive types and samples of lightning

- supports nature or beautiful surrounding ambient

- creates relax, peaceful and pleasant ambient

- transforms the lights with one click

- Free to download

-Available for Android device

Developer: Life Entertainment Studios

Most Relevant User Review:

“An amazing app, we love it. It left me speechless! Pure magic, incredible effect!”

Google Play Download Link: LifeHue