Virtous App Diggest – SpamBox Anonymous Temp Email

Posted by Stefan on 4:59 AM

App Name: SpamBox

Category: Communication

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

The app is called SpamBox, an emailing app that is specially designed for those who care about their online privacy and want to prevent from spam and avoid sign-ups with the real address in order to try new online services or download giveaways. The SpamBox app features with optioning for 10minutemail, guerrilla email, originator, get air mail, throwaway email, temp email, burner email etc.

Standout features:

-create anonymous email address

- 10 minutemail

- guerrilla email


-get air mail

-throwaway email

-temp email

-burner email

-free from ads and notification alert

-Stop spam

-protect privacy

- Free to download

Developer: Bullet Cluster

Most Relevant User Review:

“Works incredibly well, I've tried most, if not all the disposable/temporary email apps out there and this is the only one that works 100%. Well Done, Thank you. The latest update is totally amazing. This App keeps getting better. TYVM.”

Google Play Download Link: SpamBox