Virtous App Digest –CoralReefMKT- Reef Marketplace

Posted by Stefan on 3:32 PM

App Name: CoralReefMKT- Reef Marketplace

Category: Shopping

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

· For the hobbyists and enthusiasts who are always finding new coral reefs to add to their tanks

· For the ones who want to trade coral reefs.

Standout features:

· Search for coral frags and dry goods that other reefers have to offer nearby.

· Chat instantly within the app

· Narrow your search in varies ways: Type of coral, WYSIWYG, shipping availability and much more.

· Follow your favorite reefer friends and get notified when they post something.

· Like an item? Follow, comment, or share!

· Help the community by leaving reviews for both sellers and buyers to build trust.

· Not finding what you're looking for? Maybe one of our trusted sponsors can help you out!

Developer: Swift Witted LLC

Most Relevant User Review:

“Pretty good concept. Looking forward to finding things in my area as more users download.”

App Store Download Link: CoralReefMKT- Reef Marketplace

Google Play Download Link: CoralReefMKT- Reef Marketplace