Virtous App Diggest – Gym Workout Routine & Meal Plan by Athl3tics app

Posted by Unknown on 4:10 PM

App Name: Gym Workout Routine & Meal Plan by Athl3tics app

Category: Health and Fitness

Platform: Android

Price: Free with in-app purchase

Who is it for?

  • Take a look at Athl3tics fitness app that is perfect for all beginners and pros also who want to train with special workout fitness program and meal planner, which we will present here in details. So, all you need is a strong will, commitment, and persistence to get the benefits in short period of time that will be a great motivation to stay on track. The Athl3tics app offers exercises and meal plans according to your desired outcome (weight loss, gain muscle, recomposition) and will lead you to step by step to accomplish that goal.

Standout features:

  •  Nutrition plans, tips, and guides
  •  Meal planner with healthy recipes
  •  Fat burning exercises
  •  Muscle building HIIT workout routines
  •  Interactive videos
  •  Research-backed education
  •  Quantified goal setting
  • Endurance building
  •  Scientifically-backed workout routines
  •  HIIT: High Intensity Interval workouts
  •  Dynamic strength workouts
  •  Bodyweight exercises
  •  Gym workout routines
  •  Healthy meal planner
  •  Foods for fat loss
  •  Perfect carb control
  •  Losing water weight
  •  Select meal exclusions: gluten, dairy, meat, soy…
  •  Diet filters: paleo, vegan, vegetarian and more!

Website: Athl3tics