Virtous App Diggest – Zombie Loop

Posted by Stefan on 5:11 AM

App Name: Zombie Loop game app

Category: Arcade Games

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

The Zombie Loop arcade game app is perfect for the lovers of the dark side of the mobile entertainment, who seeks new challenging and exciting gameplay to satisfy their needs. In this zombie game you’ll meet the main character, the Zeb Zombie, a wacky friend you use to know and love but has now turned to eating the brains of his victims. In order to win the game and achieve the highest scores you will have to ménage him in the endless running by jumping and weaving around the wheel of doom.

Standout features:

- Tap to jump controls
- Fluid Gameplay
- Speed progression based off score
- Zeb the Zombie
- Obstacles that may get bigger? or smaller?
- Beautiful graphics

Developer: Dewsuh Studios

Google Play Download Link: Zombie Loop