5 best karaoke and lip-sync applications

Posted by Stefan on 9:40 AM

We all know how much fun can be produced by karaoke singing so we have taken the freedom to find out the best lyp sync singing and karaoke applications that could help you have an amazing karaoke party. If you like to feel for a moment like a rock or a pop star than read carefully here we have the best incredible karaoke apps proposals.

The first app that we got on our menu is called Funimate which allow you to record your own music videos, or few clips and merge them into one and add interesting filters. There is no large selection of songs, but you can use the music list on your phone. Funimate app is free to use and available for the IOS and Android users.

Next one is called Starmaker karaoke app which brings a lot of fun. The apps allow you to record your own singing and with an option to put auto-tune effect on your voice if you like. Relax and sing from your heart with Starmaker app, and check your piece of art.

Our third karaoke app is called Dubsmash and is more about imitating popular GIF’s and memes and less about singing. There are options with this app to download replicas from popular movies, songs or speeches (even with the Trump ones) and record your own versions over them.

Another amazing karaoke app that we want to introduce you is called Triller with which you can choose your favorite song to sing over it. Take your best tries three times and then the app will find your finest moments and will merge them into one video.

The final app is the one which is from the list of the most popular lip-sync applications and is called Musical.ly. On this app, you can find all of the most popular songs, replicas from famous movies, memes etc. There are 5-speed options and if you’re enough skillful you can sing and record yourself at the same time.

So, we think we’ve done our job, now it’s your turn to pick the ones for your taste and let the party started. Check them out and share your thoughts and experiences with us. Enjoy it!