LG presents two designs of smart phone with screen with folding ability

Posted by Stefan on 10:52 AM

It’s not such a new idea about the smart phones with screen with ability to fold but unfortunately they do not come to mass production. Of course it’s not an easy task to complete a product like this especially like in the case that we are presenting today.

The LG’s patent is different from the one of Axon M. This model from Axon M practically has a two side screens and a little space in between to fold but the screens actually they do not fold, like in the case in LG’s model that they want to create, with ability to use as a smart phone or like a tablet computer.

On the image here we present two models with separate parts of the device holding on screen that could fold. In the first case when the smart phone gets fold from the front and front the back side there will be all needed components like the camera and the special smaller screen displaying notifications, time and date etc. The second one is little different in dealing with this issues but the functional role is almost the same.

No doubt this models and types of smart phones will revolutionize the way we use the mobile devices because we can use them also as a tablet computers when we want or have the need.