Virtous App Diggest – AwePsalm App

Posted by Stefan on 2:31 PM

App Name: AwePsalm App

Category: Spiritual

Platform: Android, IOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

The name of the app is AwePsalm a perfect spiritual guiding and uplifting app created for seekers and believers who want to achieve spiritual awakening and state of gratitude, mindfulness, and appreciation in their lives.

Standout features:

- Search specific subject plans for key words and topics that are important to you or someone you know (i.e. stress, hope, faith, fear, gratitude, blessings, etc). Find motivational psalms and spiritual sayings that will help you!
- Watch, read and listen to our multimedia presentation and witness the Psalms in a new way – including seeing incredible images and a virtual tour of the holy land
- Track your progress as you complete psalm bible study lesson plans and share favorites
- Feel the power of the Psalms throughout the day – from wake up to bedtime (video & music psalms daily)
- Connect with your Church or Congregation
- Multiple languages and variations with more on the way
- Choose from hundreds of learning plans that connect with your specific needs
- Track your thoughts and write notes in your own Personal Journal
- Search lesson plans and share them with others when it is time to help

Developer: AwePsalm

Google Play Download Link: AwePsalm App
App Store Download Link: AwePsalm App