Virtous Game Digest - Star Tactics Redux

Posted by Sara Carikj on 12:57 PM

App Name: Star Tactics Redux

Category: Strategy

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?
  • For game lovers that want to test their strategy and tactical skills

Standout Features:
  • Turn-based tactical gameplay with top-down perspective;
  • Campaign featuring large-scale fleet battles, 30 missions, different ways to compose your fleet to increase replayability and involve thinking;
  • Skirmish mode - infinite randomized battles. Level up your Commander and access new ships;
  • Special abilities like missile or torpedo strike, afterburner, forcefield, U-turn and other awesomeness;
  • 36 ships from smallest Scout to tremendous Command Dreadnought;
  • Ship variants with different stats, weapons and abilities. Total of 60+ different units;
  • 9 weapons of different tactical roles which projectiles shine like little stars;
  • Advanced AI: ships avoid missiles, fly from the most vulnerable side, set targets according to priority (capitals target capitals, fighters target fighters) and take into account their most effective side, firepower-wise;
  • Different map objects like damaging gas field, nebulas to hide and make an ambush, asteroids and mine fields. Battles are really diverse;
  • Interesting, skill-based achievements with meaningful rewards;
  • Rare visual style with holographic vibe;
  • Great visuals overall: a lot of VFX, particles and postprocess aligned to make the game look astounding;
  • Carefully handcrafted UI and user experience;
  • Music by X3 and X-Rebirth composer

Developer: Devil's Dozen

Google Play Download Link: Star Tactics Redux

App Store Download Link: Star Tactics Redux