Virtous App Diggest – Rewire Companion - Quit Porn &Masturbation Addiction

Posted by Stefan on 4:08 PM

App Name: Rewire Companion App

Category: Health and Fitness

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

This NoFap app is for anyone that is addicted to porn and masturbation. Also any user who wants to reduce or get rid of this sexual urges and addictions that are product of this modern internet era. Using this app will help you to overcome PMO and be free from sexual compulsions and masturbation habits which can cause damage to your physical and mental health on a long term. No more asking “how to quit porn addiction” – you have Rewire Companion!

Standout features:

• Keep track of your current streak with accuracy of seconds (Unlike some others which only marks days)

• Find accountability partner. Be accountable for your relapses to a person, helps a lot.

• Keep track of the various badges you receive as you go through your journey

• Keep track of your past relapses!

• Keep track of the streaks of your fellow companions! Best app for accountability partners.

• Create and view notes with each relapse with built in notes

• Analyze your progress with advanced relapse statistics

• Emergency motivation button, get instant motivational posts!

• Widget support, get motivated right from your home screen !

• Emergency Urge helper tool, to kick those urges away!

• Get hourly/daily motivational notifications to keep yourself on check.

• Calculate time wasted on fapping

• Secure your content with built in lock option!

• Get notified when you unlock badges. Keep yourself motivated

Developer: Spiders Diligence

Google Play Download Link: Rewire Companion App