Virtous App Digest - Make My Plan

Posted by Stefan on 4:43 PM

App Name: Make My Plan

Category: Planner Apps

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For anyone that needs personal or group planner app
- For anyone who needs to plan trips or events with friends/family
- For users that have friends/family that frequently cancel their group plans

Standout Features:

◾️ Make cancel proof plans.
◾️ Manage multiple plans in one place with simple UI.
◾️ Easily create, invite or join plans.
◾️ Create your plan timeline to keep on track.
◾️ Explore thousands of places.
◾️ Easily manage earned money.
◾️ Supports most of the currencies.
◾️ Group chats with other members of the plan.
◾️ Easily add, remove friends or delete the plan.
◾️ Activity log to keep track.
◾️ Get notifications for important events.
◾️ Privacy settings to manage who can see your plan.

Developer: AmolD

Google Play Download Link: Make My Plan