Virtous App Digest – Screenshot Creator

Posted by Stefan on 3:40 AM

App Name: Screenshot Creator

Category: Tools

Platform: Mac OS X

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For app developers that need to create screenshots for their apps
- For app entrepreneurs that need to create screenshot for the apps they own
- For app marketers

Standout Features:

▪️ Customisable background colours and images
▪️ Multiple layout options to choose from
▪️ Choose to use any font installed on your mac
▪️ Landscape and portrait screenshot framing support
▪️ Reordering and merging screenshots
▪️ Automatic alternative image selection
▪️ Touch bar support
▪️ Full undo and redo
▪️ Document based multi-window​ app


App Store Download Link: Screenshot Creator