Virtous App Digest – Vervo

Posted by Stefan on 1:54 PM

App Name: Vervo

Category: Goal creators and trackers

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For anyone searching for an easy to use, straightforward goal creation and tracker tool
- For users searching for goal creators and trackers that can be shared with other users
- For anyone searching for a quality goal creator and tracker which is completely free

Standout Features:

▪️ Set to do list, track goals, and share your goals
▪️  Set reminders to keep track of daily goals
▪️  Use inspiration boards to help you stay motivated towards your goals
▪️  Share goals with family and friends
▪️  Go public for the world with this goal tracker and habit tracker app
▪️  Add related readings to your daily goals
▪️  Everything is free. No Ads. No Fees.

Developer: LetsText

Google Play Download Link: Vervo

App Store Download Link: Vervo