Virtous App Digest – Kumbaya

Posted by Stefan on 1:31 AM

App Name: Kumbaya

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For parents that need help with chores, kids care, organization
- For parents that want to build a circle of trust to ask for favors and give favors

Standout features:

▪ Ask your friends for help when you need it the most (kids help, chores help, chores organization, co-parenting tasks, care request & more)
▪ Build your trusted circles
▪ Return a favor and get a notification when your friends need your help
▪ Guilt free Kumbaya notifications with full transparency between you and your friends
▪ Kumbaya notifications disappears from your contacts list after it is accepted once

Google Play Download Link: Kumbaya

App Store Download Link: Kumbaya