Virtous Game Digest – JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020

Posted by Stefan on 11:11 AM

App Name: JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020

Category: Arcade Games

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For users that love android or iOS arcade games
- For users that are looking for a new 2D challenging game for mobile

Standout features:

● Simple and easy UI/UX
● Interactive gameplay mode with appealing graphics
● Stunning sound effects and gameplay elements
● Fight the aliens in story games for everyone
● Set out for a sky journey as a sky bird to protect the duck legacy
● Overcome challenging obstacle course games to become a pro
● Collect coins on the way of fighting aliens
● Use coins to purchase jetpack upgrades for better gaming experience
● Use coins to purchase new upgrades like magnet and coin doubler
● Maintain a winning streak by playing the game every day

Developer: Wevedo Games

Google Store Download: JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020

App Store Download: JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020