Virtous App Digest – Harmony Mindfulness

Posted by stamenkovskalj on 2:48 AM

App Name: Harmony Mindfulness
Category: Health & Fitness
Platform: IOS
Price: Free
Who is it for?
For users that want to learn how to meditate, grow well-being and improve mental health.   
Standout Features:
  •          Learn how to meditate, breathe and grow well-being in just 5 to 10 minutes
  •          Unique mindfulness techniques and courses
  •          Daily mindfulness tips
  •          Brand new sleep stories
  •          100+ of meditations covering plenty of situations
  •          Entire library of nature sounds to ease stress, meditate and relax

Developer:  Harmony Mindfulness
Official Website: Harmony Mindfulness
App Store Download Link: Harmony Mindfulness