Virtous App Digest – DisSolve

Posted by stamenkovskalj on 1:23 AM

App Name: DisSolve
Category: Tools
Platform: Android
Price: Free
Who is it for?

For users that want to discover the all the fast and easy solutions for solving their cube. 

Standout Features:
  •          Light and straight forward
  •          Learn the standard cube notions in advance
  •          Solve a random scramble to see a demo of cube solving
  •          See the cube in 3D while solving
  •          Switch between 3D solution and solving notions
  •          Step to first/last and next/previous moves
  •          Pause or resume cube solution
  •          Cube can be solved in average 80 moves, max 120

Developer: Joshua Norris
Google Play Download Link: DisSolve