Virtous App Digest – Block Champz

Posted by stamenkovskalj on 5:12 AM

App Name: Block Champz
Category: Games
Platform: IOS
Price: Free
Who is it for?
For players that want to play a Tetris-like block puzzle game.
For players that like to play, compete against players and win real prizes. 

Standout Features:
  •          Easy and fun to play
  •          Drag blocks, fill and explore rows
  •          Use bombs to clear rows
  •          Score combos to win scores
  •          Limited time in each game
  •          Win back time by scoring
  •          Head-to-head and multiplayer tournaments
  •          Win real virtual prizes
  •          Amazing loyalty program

Developer:  BIG3D, LLC
App Store Download Link: Block Champz