Virtous App Digest – Parkour Jumping Race

Posted by stamenkovskalj on 12:42 AM

App Name: Parkour Jumping Race
Category: Sports
Platform: IOS and Android
Price: Free
Who is it for?
For players that want to experience a thrilling running and jumping gaming action.
For players that want to run, jump, and overcome obstacles to secure the first place in the race. 

Standout Features:
  •          Simple and easy parkour games UI/UX
  •          Smooth and responsive obstacle course game layout
  •          Appealing parkour race game design featuring striking elements
  •          Interactive sound effects and cool background music for more action
  •          Run and jump in the impossible run to overcome multiple obstacles
  •          Swipe left or right to change the direction of parkour race in the levels
  •          Compete with several other fun race players and move to first position
  •          Abrupt parkour jump obstacles to overcome by acting quickly
  •          Complete the fun race and get the first position to earn game bonus
  •          View your game progress and parkour games race position from the game screen
  •          Jump from roof to roof and enjoy automatic jump and wall climbing action
  •          Steer clear of the boundaries and try your best not to fall down or you will lose the level
  •         Change parkour outfit and trail colors as per your liking

Developer:  KEM DEV GAME
Official Website: Parkour Jumping Race
App Store Download Link: Parkour Jumping Race
Google Play Download Link: Parkour Jumping Race