Virtous App Digest – Salt Bae -The Meme Game

Posted by Stefan Savic on 7:10 AM

App Name: Salt Bae -The Meme Game

Category: Arcade

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

-For cooking lovers

- For the lovers of slicing arcade games

-For people who like fast paced arcade games

Standout features: 

It is a simple game of slicing meat and sprinkling salt over it
Rack up as many points as possible, while more and more fruit and bombs clutter the screen
This game helps kids practice their self-control skills
This game helps to improve sustained attention thanks to the constant need for players to keep their eyes peeled for fruit to slice
It offers three different game modes.
You play with three lifelines.
It has Facebook and twitter integration to like and share it with your friends.

Developer: Chario Games

Most Relevant User Review:

“it is Nice and addictive game. Good to play.. Lol i like the butcher”

Google Play Download Link: Salt Bae -The Meme Game
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