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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Virtous App Diggest – Bus Driving Simulator 2018

App Name: Bus Driving Simulator 2018 App

Category: Simulator Games

Platform: IOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Bus Driving Simulator Game App was carefully designed and dedicated to satisfy the expectations and the tastes of all the hardcore fans of this mobile gaming genre. From our experience we can guarantee you a lot of fun and challenging, addictive game play that easily could last for hours.

Standout features:

-Easy and fun to play for all ages

-Sharp 3D graphics with cool amazing locations for driving

-Realistic maps, bus stations and gas stations

-Animations of people entering and leaving the bus

-Different buses to choose from

-Screen controls for driving

-Complete your routes

-Enjoy the ride

-FREE to play

Developer: Muhammad Ijaz 

App Store Download Link: Bus Driving Simulator

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Virtous Game Digest - Breaking Ground

App Name: Breaking Ground

Category: Simulation

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For game lovers that would like to play a simulation game with a unique gameplay.

Standout Features:

  • Construct spectacular factories and produce amazing products
  • Unlock cool trucks
  • Build, sell, rent and houses and become an interior decorator
  • Play fun, exciting action and puzzle games
  • Help make your town a dreamy place to live
  • Easy to play
  • Sharp HD graphics & cool sound effects
  • Incredible 3D simulator game
  • Unlock new & challenging levels

Developer: Game The Future (Pty) Ltd

Amazon App Store Download Link: Breaking Ground

Virtous Game Digest - Color Swap

App Name: Color Swap

Category: Arcade

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Standout Features:

  • Amazing graphics & backgrounds used
  • Fast-paced, endless color switch gameplay
  • High-quality, catchy sounds & music
  • Simple & easy tap tap tap controls
  • Different colored & challenging obstacles
  • Make high scores & complete levels
  • Perfect for users of any age
  • Universal arcade game, works best on any Android device including tabs
  • FREE to download & play

Developer: AndviGames

Google Play Download Link: Color Swap

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Virtous App Diggest – Santa Vs Airplane adorable Christmas adventure game

App Name: Santa Vs Airplane

Category: Action, Adventure

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Check out the Santa Vs Airplane game app that we strongly recommend for every kid or an adult, doesn’t matter, it’s playable for everyone. Just on a first try, you can discover that it’s quite simple game but you can challenge yourself by creating a new high score and beat your own records. Tap to fly the Santa’s Airplane and collect all the gifts and collect powers. The joy is in the simplicity of this game, the lovely Santa character and the amazing colorful graphics with which this game abounds.

Standout features:

- Beautiful Christmas Graphics.

- Easy to play
- Relax your mind

- Can be played by adults and kids

- Boosts the Christmas spirit

- Tap to fly the Santa Airplane

- Available on Google Play Store

- Free to play

Developer: Creative Star Games

Google Play Download Link: Santa Vs Airplane

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Virtous Game Digest - Fruits Casino Slot Machine

App Name: Fruits Casino Slot Machine
Category: Casino
Platform: Android
Price: Free
Who is it for?
  • For users that want to play addictive and rewarding casino slots game.

Standout Features:
  • Free to download and play. No need to spend money to feel the adrenaline rush when you play in a Vegas casino
  • Exotic theme graphics and immersive sound effects
  • Very simple and straightforward gameplay. Just tap to spin the reels. This is not the game where you need to think or practice to win big. You only need to be lucky
  • Numerous win combinations. Unlike other slot games where the chance for reward is low, you can hit a win anytime here. There are many ways to get the jackpot
  • Free Coins throughout the day
  • You can play Fruits casino slot machine without Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. It works perfect even without network. Enjoy it anywhere
  • Progressive win so the reward will be bigger each round
  • Very addicting gameplay. You can play round after round and hours after hours
  • Play on your smartphone or tablet because it is responsive and you can enjoy it within all your devices
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime as long as you have your device with you and for free
  • Great user interface designed for every kind of players, from beginners to the most seasoned slot players

Developer: Mavin Games

Google Play Download Link: Fruits Casino Slot Machine

Monday, September 11, 2017

Virtous App Diggest - Smash Fly – The Super-Fast Tap Tap Arcade Game

App Name: Smash Fly

Category: Casual

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Smash Fly is a super-fast tapper game created for seekers of high-quality mobile entertainment and for those who want to test their reaction and precision skills. The challenge of this fantastic game is to make high scores by catching the fly and avoid the obstacles that can cost you life, lost levels, and points. That’s why you have to prepare your reflex and precision skills.

Standout features:

-Extremely Addictive!
- Earn the highest score each level!
- Cool smashing the fly gameplay!
- Clever quips from the one-and-only Fly!
- Frenzy Levels!
- 60 awesome, increasingly challenging levels!
- 3 types of boosts!
- Cool HD Graphics!
- Exquisite Sound Effects and Music!

Developer: z1Tech

Most Relevant User Review:

“Great addition to my phone. I was looking for a new game that's simplistic to get into when I have a little downtime - quick and addicting!”

Google Play Download Link: Smash Fly

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Virtous App Digest – Poker Conquest

App Name: Poker Conquest

Category: Card & board

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • Poker Conquest is a solid poker game that focuses on having private tables. It uses several new advances to achieve such a high level of poker play. It is the game based on the map system featuring 180 countries from six continents, which you have to conquer and prove your poker skills.

Standout features:

  • Personalize your player profile
  • There are Over 50 achievements to achieve
  • Play with the computer players from 180 countries
  • There are total 6 continents to unlock and to conquer.
  • Track your bankroll, which show how your bankroll has gone up or down over time.
  • Track your progress in the game in the form of percentage.

Developer: Manchester Developer

Most Relevant User Review:

“Had a lot of fun playing Poker Conquest, it's a straight shooting' - no BS hold 'em game with a fun theme of world conquest. You start with $10,000 and enter into tournaments where you can increase your pool - allowing entry into even bigger tournaments as you take over the world. Tons of fun for any poker fan, 5/5! “

Windows App Store Download Link: Poker Conquest

Friday, August 18, 2017

Virtous App Diggest – Motorbike Racing a sport game app with a difference

App Name: Motorbike Racing

Category: Racing

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

The Motorbike Racing game app is for ones looking for thrilling motor racing, new racing challenges, competitions and remarkable gaming experience above all. The outstanding graphics and physics are that what makes Motorbike Racing so special. There are 30 levels with difficulty in a progression that will bring player’s skills and gaming abilities on serious testing.

Standout features:

- Easy to play and use

- A racing app for hardcore fans of motorcycle racing games

-Outstanding graphics and physics

-Challenge and addicting game play

-30 levels of difficulty in progression

- Free to download

-Suitable for Android devices

Developer: Double Tap

Most Relevant User Review:

“Great realistic Marvelous. This diversion is truly awesome!”

Google Play Download Link: Motorbike Racing

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Virtous App Digest – Catchy Monkey

App Name: Catchy Monkey

Category: Games

Platform: IOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Catchy Monkey is universal and can be played by everyone. If you’re challenger player, every new record you can share a snapshot via messages or through social media and invite your friends to join in the amazing adventure game play.

Standout features:

- Easy to pick and use

- Colorful graphics

- Lovely game characters

- Entertaining sound effects

- Addictive and challenging game play

- Sharing high score on social media

- Free to download

-Available for IOS devices

Developer: Tom Moon

Most Relevant User Review:

“It’s a fantastic game! Kids adore it, but me also!”

App Store Download Link: Catchy Monkey

Friday, August 11, 2017

Virtous Game Digest – Fidget Spinner

App Name: Fidget Spinner

Category: Arcade

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

· For Android users of any age that want to play an addictive fidget spinning game and have a virtual fidget spinner in the palm of their hands.

Standout features:

· Addictive & endless arcade spinner gameplay

· More than 25 glowing and colorful fidget spinners

· Simple, yet challenging

· Collect coins, lives & speed multipliers

· Avoid the falling asteroid

· Survive as long as you can & win high scores

· Play with a fidget spinner simulator

· FREE to play

Developer: Oxen Apps

Google Play Download Link: Fidget Spinner

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Virtous Game Digest – Virtuhunt - GO hunt wild beasts in AR

App Name: Virtuhunt - GO hunt wild beasts in AR

Category: Simulation

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Virtuhunt - GO hunt wild beasts in AR is the new game presently offered in the category of hunting games for smartphones but the thing that makes it superior from the rest of other hunting game is that it is based on augmented reality gaming concept. In the game, you will play as a hunter discovering the exotic animals around you in this virtual 3D environment, hunt them for points, and earn some good rewards.

Standout features:

Totally FREE to play
Unlock all kinds of weapons.
Play as much as you can as there are no defined levels
Cool 3D animal animations and simulations.
Maybe you win a cool trophy when you finish the game!
User-friendly and easy to control
Realistic environment and sound effects

Developer: Rocksoft

Most Relevant User Review:

“This app is very good I have never played this type of game before its experience like u hunting live”

App Store Download Link: Virtuhunt - GO hunt wild beasts in AR

Google Play Download Link: Virtuhunt - GO hunt wild beasts in AR

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Virtous Game Digest – Make me yellow

App Name: Make me yellow

Category: Puzzle

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Make me yellow is the new puzzle collection developed for Android OS devices where you will be solving different kinds of brain-twisting challenges from, different logic puzzles to control mechanisms, math, physics, scale, coloring etc. However, all of these come up with the same objective for which you have to go through all these challenges and it is to turn the game screen to yellow.

Standout features:

It offers captivating challenges and stunning gameplay
The minimal colors and types of challenges will make you love this game.
Dozens of fun revealing levels
Share this game with your friend and family
Simple and easy to use controls
If you are stuck at any point, it offers hint feature too.

Developer: HapMonkey

Most Relevant User Review:

“Awesome! It has so great. Nice logic design. Love it a nice puzzle game.”

Google Play Download Link: Make me yellow

App Store Download Link: Make Me Yellow

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Virtuous App Diggest- Fishing Mania Island

App Name: Fishing Mania Island

Category: Puzzle Game

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Fishing Mania Island is for all puzzle game lovers but especially for fishing lovers or for those who want to explore the mystique beauty of the underwater worlds.

Standout features:

- Unique and well-designed matching element
- Use finger touch as a hook to link
- Explore more and more underwater worlds
- Suitable for outing sport mania
- Collect various and addictive fish
- Interesting hook and link boosters will help you
- Hundreds of challenging levels
- Continual updating of new levels
- Play and compete with your friends

Developer: Johanes La Luur

Most Relevant User Review:

“Kids adore it the amazing cute fishes. I can’t get them off this game.. But at least they are peacefully and they have a great time that’s obviously.. ”

Google Play Download Link: Fishing Island Mania

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Virtous App Digest – Prince’s Danger Adventure

App Name: Prince’s Danger Adventure

Category: Productivity

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Prince’s Danger Adventure is a best suited for gamers that enjoy playing endless runner games that are among the most ubiquitous and popular games.

Standout features:

✅ endless runner 2d
✅ prince running game
✅ run and jump games controls
✅ interesting quest
✅ unique challenges
✅ original HD graphics and soundtrack
✅ simple one-tap control
✅ free adventure jumping game

Developer: The Games River Studio

Most relevant user review:

„Well it's an awesome game ! Controls gameplay everything is perfect ! Actually i think this game is much better than temple run! Nice work team!“

Android version: 4.0.3 and up

Google Play Download Link: Prince’s Danger Adventure

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Virtous App Digest – Pizza Boy - GBC Emulator

App Name: Pizza Boy - GBC Emulator

Category: Arcade

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Pizza Boy - GBC Emulator is one of the best ones available on the Google Play Store. By using this emulator, you will really enjoy the easy to use interface as well as the customizable controls available on this emulator. Moreover, there are plenty of options available for those who want to tweak their experience to the next level. The emulator also supports a variety of controllers to make the experience more comfortable.

Standout features:

- It's the only emulator on Google Play that passes all the super-hard Blargg tests. It means you got a precision never reached before with other emulators

- Totally written in C for incredible performance and low battery consumption

- Take advantage of OpenGL and OpenSL native libraries for video and audio performance to the top

- 60 FPS granted even on old hardware

- Save and restore states

- Slow Motion/Fast forward

- Buttons size and position total customization

- Hardware joypads support

- Shaders

- Serial link emulation through wifi or Bluetooth!

- Capture screenshots in Jpg or Animated Gif formats

Developer: Davide Berra

Most Relevant User Review:

“Awesome emulator! Perfect performance, and as stated in description very low battery consumption for me! Big fan of Tetris DX so this definitely relived my young days. Kudos to the developer :)”

Google Play Download Link: Pizza Boy - GBC Emulator

Friday, June 23, 2017

Virtous Game Digest – Blast Pool

App Name: Blast Pool

Category: Sports

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Blast Pool is an addictive 8-ball pool game app featuring colorful graphics with stunning gaming concept. The physics are responsive and accurate, and you can even adjust the touch sensitivity of your pool stick. It comes up with realistic sound effects and the relaxing, steady pace. There are no distractions such as extraneous music, and the interface is colorful but mostly uncluttered.

Standout features:

★ Relaxed gameplay, perfect time killer.

★ Unlock new levels with special skills!

★ No WiFi or the internet? Don't worry, you can also play offline!

★ Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards

Developer: NASR Games

Most Relevant User Review:

“I found it the best Challenging Game ever. Good Time pass with an excellent graphics. Thumbs Up... ✌”

Google Play Download Link: Blast Pool

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Virtous Game Digest – Evonite

App Name: Evonite

Category: Games

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For all game lovers that want to play a new, original and challenging space exploration/adventure game.

Standout features:

  • Unique and challenging gameplay
  • Visually stunning planets to explore
  • Choose and train between 4 amazing heroes, each with their own specializations
  • Over 100 different Campaign tracks
  • Endless mode
  • Unique 5 vehicles with different special abilities
  • Next generation HD graphics
  • Interesting storyline
  • Designed for both iPhone & iPad
  • FREE to play

Developer: Blue River Arts

App Store Download Link: Evonite

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Virtous Game Digest – [Corner Dash]

App Name: Corner Dash

Category: Games

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Corner Dash is a new arcade game that brings you tons of fun with unlimited challenges. The game features 2D graphics whereas the game premises are simple but cool enough to keep you engaged. The game is about the square, which you have to guide around the screen will so many walls with many turns. From its appearances, it seems to be a very easy game but in fact, it is not.

Standout features:

· Beautiful and very high-quality graphics that will let you play for hours no stop

· Very easy to play just use your precision skills to go through the walls

· No hidden fees, no special memberships

· Play this game without limits like there is no internet connection needed.

· Challenging but not impossible

· You can set your own pace (as long as you keep afloat)

· Great music

· Perfect for commuting or quick gameplay sessions

Developer: Milstead Business Ventures, Inc

Most Relevant User Review:

“I love watching young developers with their creativity and drive break into the market. This is a great game to play on a bathroom break at work”

App Store Download Link: Corner Dash

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Virtous Game Digest – [Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform]

App Name: Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform

Category: Adventure

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform game is an escape story about the cat that is homeless after being kicked out by his owner as he damaged many of her toys. Now you are the one who will help her survive and let him escape from the basement in which he is trapped initially. Once you helped her escape to the foreign environment your role in the game becomes more demanding now you have to help her fight her enemies in the city and let him defend different scenarios.

Standout features:

💠 2D platformer running & jumping gameplay

💠 Cool storyline

💠 Exquisite retro jump games inspired artwork

💠 Unique details & 2D game settings

💠 Original HD graphics

💠 Battles with enemies

💠 Unique soundtrack

💠 Global leaderboard and rankings

💠 free jump and run game

Developer: Smashing Pixels Pty Ltd

Most Relevant User Review:

“Best Cat Game I Have Ever Played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it very good gameplay and story”

App Store Download Link: Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform

Google Play Download Link: Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Virtous Games Digest – [Click it - The Run Word]

App Name: Click it - The Run Word

Category: Games

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Click it - The Run Word game is the perfect way to pass the time, repeatedly. This game app brings the word-finding fun in a new and unique way where you will be finding words scrolling from bottom of the screen to the top but keep in mind that these words are scrolling and you should have to possess quick reflexes to click the correct word. Challenge your friend or beat their challenge. This game has great graphics and sound effect. UI is very clean and is themed with cool illustrations.

Standout features:
It offers endless gameplay so that you can test your skills at your best
Beautiful entertaining music that will never let your get bored
Automatic word finder to save your turn in case you missed a word
Skip the word if it is hard for you to find it
It offers beautifully themed graphics and easy to use interface.
And much more...

Developer: Nour Hajjar

Most Relevant User Review:

“They say you lose if you don't use it when referring to vocabulary and knowledge. This game is fun but no joke when you get far! Kudos to the developer on this one!”

App Store Download Link: Click it - The Run Word