Virtous Game Digest – [Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform]

Posted by Stefan on 6:16 PM

App Name: Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform

Category: Adventure

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform game is an escape story about the cat that is homeless after being kicked out by his owner as he damaged many of her toys. Now you are the one who will help her survive and let him escape from the basement in which he is trapped initially. Once you helped her escape to the foreign environment your role in the game becomes more demanding now you have to help her fight her enemies in the city and let him defend different scenarios.

Standout features:

💠 2D platformer running & jumping gameplay

💠 Cool storyline

💠 Exquisite retro jump games inspired artwork

💠 Unique details & 2D game settings

💠 Original HD graphics

💠 Battles with enemies

💠 Unique soundtrack

💠 Global leaderboard and rankings

💠 free jump and run game

Developer: Smashing Pixels Pty Ltd

Most Relevant User Review:

“Best Cat Game I Have Ever Played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it very good gameplay and story”

App Store Download Link: Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform

Google Play Download Link: Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform