5 best fitness application that you must try

Posted by Stefan Savic on 10:35 AM

Do you feel down and uncomfortable in your body? Maybe it’s because of lack of activity, so here we are to motivate you to start your fitness routine with 5 amazing apps that will make you almost as a new person. Strengthen your muscles and improve your body flexibility to make your well-being flourish by using these fitness apps that we especially and carefully selected for you guys.

The first fit app that is on our menu is called Nexercise, created for Android users with concrete tips and guidance for body workout, weight loss, and option for competing with friends in order for some fun and staying motivated on your fitness path. For more information check out the Nexercise link.

The second one is called FitNotes Gym app which contains a set of exercises and gives you an analysis based on your lifestyle notes and reports about your progress or regress. This app is perfect if you are an active member of the gym and will help you to organize and improve your routines and make you sure that you are doing the exercises the right way. It’s free to use so you can pick up on your Android device here.


Google Fit is our next favorite fitness app for today’s repertoire. This app is perfect for beginners, and we strongly recommend to download and try this basic fitness program which Google Fit designers carefully created. Of course, results are guaranteed, if you just follow the instructions and try to stay motivated and consistent. 

Our fourth pick for today is the Ingress app which is very interesting and innovative. It’s not a standard fit app but a mix of a game and outdoor play. This game app will motivate you to move you out of your comfort seat in your home with your laptop or tablet in your hands and actually start playing a game in a real life. Sound interesting doesn’t it? Check on and download it here.

The last proposal of the fit apps for today it’s called Nike+ Training Club app which contains over hundred exercises, functions that follows your activities and fit progress and an option to connect your Android device with your TV so you can watch the video presentations of the exercises and work out among them. Nike+ app is universal but the ladies will be especially happy with this one.

So we think we’ve done our job perfectly, now it’s up to you guys to take a charge of your well-being and make your life enjoyable like it should be! Choose your app and share your experience with us! Good luck!