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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Best Adblocker & Browser Apps for iOS in 2022 (iPhone & iPad)

We all know that nowadays you can block intrusive ads easily with a functional adblocker app. In that way, you will not only save time, but you will also improve the browsing speed. That’s why we’ll recommend you the best ad blockers for iOS that also come with additional privacy protecting features. Read on and try some of the best adblocker apps for iOS.


Halt is a fast and intuitive adblocker browser with a variety of ad blocking and privacy features. Once you download it you can start browsing pages fast and easy. In the setting pages you can block ads, request SSL connections everywhere, as well as protect your iPhone/iPad from malicious sites. The built in 3rd party ad blocker browser also comes with incognito mode and optimized battery usage that is much better compared to some of the best browsers for iOS, such as Safari.


Fend is a newly launched ad-blocking privacy browser for iOS. It is also the creation of the team behind Halt. However, Fend is a fast and secure browser that focuses on preventing online scams with a dedicated team and AI working to detect and remove them from your browsing experience. 


1Blocker works as a separate app that gives excellent blocking features. Not only you can block ads, but you can also block trackers, annoyance, widgets. This app is perfect if you use Safari because it integrates with it and allows you to control your ad blocking features. Additionally, the app can block trackers within apps, not just web browsing. You can also white list website where you like to see ads, such as your favorite websites.

AdBlock Pro for Safari


This simple and lightweight app allows effective ad blocking. It works together with safari and blocks ads, stops trackers, block social buttons, block mining, and has some extra features for family control. For example, you can block adult sites and article comments. We also liked that it blocks youtube ads (but only when you view youtube on safari). Another pro is that it works for iOS and Mac OSx.

Norton Ad Blocker

Norton AdBlocker is a product of the globally famous Norton Antivirus software. As expected, their ad blocker is one of the best on the App Store. It effectively blocks ads, online trackers and similar treats with a tap of a button. It also allows you to add whitelist websites where ads will be turned on.

We believe that you can’t go wrong if you pick any of these adblocking apps for iOS. Once you install any of them, your browsing will be faster and safer. If we missed some great app, leave it in the comments bellow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Best Apps for Traders in 2022 for iOS iPhone & Android


Best apps for traders 2022 iOS and Android

Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced trader, there is no denial that using handy trader apps daily may help you become a better trader. That’s why we analyzed and collaborated with traders to create a list of best apps of traders that will help traders become consistent, profitable and mindful.

1. MTJ – My Trade Journal

Keeping a trading journal will help you stay accountable about your trades. It will help you analyze your bad trades, and your good ones, so you can make better decisions in the future. MTJ is one of the best trading journal apps since it allows you to go in detail about each trade (you can even add mindset and photos for each trade). Their trade logger will also allow you to search trades by keyword and keep notes about any trading tips/news/ideas you want to keep. The app is free to use for both Android & iOS mobile devices.

2. Delta Investment

Delta Investment is an advanced portfolio tracker that helps keep track of all your investments. You can track and also analyze all popular stocks, cryptos, ETFs, indices, mutual funds, bonds, options, and futures. Unlike a trade journal, Delta Investment also allows you to track live performance of your assets. You can also get deep asset details as well as notifications about your trading and assets.

3. Market Trends

When it comes to trading, we believe that every trader should have one ore more trading signals apps. If not about making decisions, trading signals apps are great for market analysis. We also believe that traders should join and participate in communities. The app that blends all those features into one is Market Trends. Their unique market trends’ algorithm will help you analyze forex and options, and it’s based on 3 indicators. If you are looking for free buy and sell signal app, then this one is also a good option.

If we missed some niche app that might be helpful to traders, please let us know! Till then enjoy and improve your trading with these handy tools.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Virtous App Digest – Zinny


App name: Zinny  

Category: Tools  

Platform: Android  

Price: Free 

Who is it for? 

For users that want to have a one-stop tool for all of their smartphone problems.  

For users that want to have a troubleshooting assistant for all of their smartphone needs.  


Standout Features:  

  • Easy to use and user-friendly  
  • One-stop app for all your smartphone problems  
  • Test your phone and share quality certificate with potential buyers  
  • Solutions for your smartphone issues  
  • Menu ‘’Your Next Phone’’ for finding the best phone for your needs 
  • Evaluate your current device and how good it is  
  • Health alerts for finding malfunctions  
  • Notifications when there’s no longer an Internet connection 
  • Check operator coverage  
  • Soon a Family Support service for device statistics of another 5 people  
  • Free for download  


Developer: FutureDecoded team 

Google Play Download Link: Zinny 

Friday, December 20, 2019

Virtous App Digest – MyNyte

App Name: MyNyte
Category: Entertainment
Platform: iOS & Android
Price: Free

Who is it for?
- Users want to plan evenings in an easy and intuitive way
- For users that want to find the best local restaurants and local offers

Standout features:
- all-in-one evening planning app
- find local restaurants
- find local deals and offers
- book places
- book taxis
- chat with friends
- book cinema tickets and plan date night

Developer: Google Commerce Ltd
Google Play Download Link: MyNyte
App Store Download Link: MyNyte

Monday, May 20, 2019

Virtous App Digest – WeVest Financial Planning

App Name: WeVest Financial Planning
Category: Finance
Platform: iOS, Android & Web App
Price: Free

Who is it for?

For users that want to get their personal finance in order and get actionable insights about their financial future for every aspects of their finances.

How Can WeVest Help:

1) Determine your Net Worth
2) Set savings goals for Retirement, College, Investments, Emergency Savings
3) Determine the best way to pay off Debt and how long it will take
4) Plan for Retirement
5) Follow a plan designed to optimize growth of your Net Worth without overcommiting to one goal or another
6) Customize the plan to what works best for you
7) Test different scenarios to determine your path
8) Compare yourself to people with a similar lifestyle to see how you are doing
9) Track and forecast your progress over time
10) See when you'll achieve financial milestones
11) Project your Net Worth into the future using your specific information and plan

Developer:, LLC
App Store Download Link (iOS): WeVest Financial Planning
Google Play Download Link (Android): WeVest Financial Planning

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Virtous App Digest – Ivacy VPN

App Name: Ivacy VPN

Category: Tools

Platform: Android and IOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

For users that want to get an essential one-stop solution for all their streaming needs including, privacy security and anonymity.

Standout Features:

· Unlimited, fast, secure VPN App for private internet access

· High speed video streaming from anywhere in the world

· One tap smart connect and Military-grade encryption

· 24/7 customer support with live chat and email

· Unlimited bandwidth and 5 simultaneous device support

· Works on Wi-fi, 4G/LTE, 3G

· Unblock content and be secure online

· Internet Kill Switch and Split Tunnelling

· Multiple Ports Integration

· Dedicated Purposes for streaming, downloading and unblocking

· Advanced virus and malware protection

· Free for download

Developer: Ivacy Limited

App Store Download Link: Ivacy VPN

Google Play Download Link: Ivacy VPN

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Virtous App Digest - HD MP3 Voice Recorder

App Name: HD MP3 Voice Recorder

Category: Music & Audio

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For users that want to use it for lecture recordings, meeting notes, recording their songs or even making a quick personal notes

Standout Features:

  • Easy to use and practical
  • All voice recordings in HD quality
  • One touch HD voice recorder with no time limits
  • Recording in MP3 format
  • You can pause recordings
  • Share your recordings from within the app
  • Stores recording on device for offline usage
  • Record while app is in the background
  • Play your recordings while the app is in the background
  • Rewind and forward while playing recordings with the seek bar
  • Choose the location to save your recordings
  • Select the sample rate and bit rate that suits your needs
  • Rename your recordings
  • Free for download

Developer: 101 Best Apps

Google Play Download Link: HD MP3 Voice Recorder

Friday, June 29, 2018

Virtous App Digest –TNC Stories

App Name: TNC Stories

Category: Entertainment

Platform: iOS; Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For users that want to read addictive and intriguing short stories made of text messages

Standout Features:

  • Easy to use and fun
  • Addictive and intriguing 5 minute stories
  • Just tap to reveal the chat bubbles
  • Different genres available for reading
  • Many stories include images, links to websites and tweets
  • Write your own stories
  • Earn money from the HOOTS your stories receive
  • Comment on stories and follow authors
  • Receive emails whenever authors publish new stories
  • Free for download

Developer: Helium Media

Official Website: TNC Stories

App Store Download Link: TNC Stories

Google Play Download Link: TNC Stories

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Virtous App Digest - Kids Place - Parental Control

App Name: Kids Place - Parental Control

Category: Entertainment

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For parents to have control over their kids’ tablets and phones

Standout Features:

  • Only allow access to parents approved apps and blocks rest of the apps and settings
  • Custom home screen displays only apps that parents have authorized
  • Can prevent children from buying or downloading new apps
  • Capable of blocking incoming calls when Kids Place is running
  • Capable of disabling all wireless signals while Kids Place is running
  • Toddler Lock - Auto restarts apps accidentally stopped by small children, allowing parents to stay focused on their own tasks
  • Appropriate for children of all ages - babies, toddlers & teenagers
  • Plugins - Kids Place provides additional parental controls for Website content filtering; Videos and Pictures via plug-in based design. Please go to setting > plug ins to access these features
  • Converts any Phone or Tablet into Kids Mode
  • Multiple premium features with in-app purchases

Developer: kiddoware

Google Play Download Link: Kids Place - Parental Control

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Virtous App Digest – Edge Lighting

App Name: Edge Lighting

Category: Personalization

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?
  • For users that want to lighten up their edge display each time a notification from a social app pops up

Standout Features:
  • Easy to use personalization app
  • Lighten up the edge display for social apps notifications
  • Select from a varied palette of animations
  • Choose the animation you like the most
  • Personalize the animation and set the animation time
  • Use the reminder feature
  • Choose the color for each app
  • Beautiful animations when your phone is placed with screen up
  • Disable visual effects to save battery
  • Lite version available
  • Free for download

Developer: Edge Design

Google Play Download Link: Edge Lighting

Google Play Download Link: Edge Lighting Lite

Friday, April 6, 2018

Virtous App Digest – Perfec

App Name: Perfec

Category: Travel & Local

Platform: iOS; Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?
  • For Android and iOS users that want a simple tool for finding places, services and products with an ease

Standout features:
  • Easy & simple to use
  • Helpful personal referral service
  • Save a product, service or location you’ve enjoyed
  • Reach the saved info whenever you need it
  • Let others have access to your gallery of recommendations
  • Find in common or popular places between the groups you wish to hang out with
  • Auto-recommendation
  • Check-out the favorites of your friends
  • Plan activities & invite others to join you
  • Win prizes & free items
  • Totally FREE to use

Developer: Plan My Fun Inc.

Official Website Link: Perfec

App Store Download Link: Perfec

Google Play Download Link: Perfec

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Virtous App Digest – iVROX VR player

App Name: iVROX VR player

Category: Video Players & Editors

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?
  • For users that want to easily convert any video stored in their smartphone in VR video format

Standout Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Convert any video in VR video format
  • Supports VR videos
  • Supports 360° videos using your smartphone gyroscope
  • Watch any series, movies or video stored
  • Just insert your smartphone into the VR headset
  • Compatible with iVROX VR headset
  • Compatible with the most VR headset on the market
  • Free for download
Developer: iVROX

Google Play Download Link: iVROX VR player