Ads1K the great new Advertising Network

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 3:15 PM

The pop ads can be really helpful asset to any advertiser, but only if used wisely and on good advertising networks. One of the newest advertising networks, but highly reliable networks, is certainly Ads1K. They offer great exposure to advertisers because they use reliable network of publishers to whom they offer solid payouts! The quality of traffic in that way is great and the rates and budget for starting it is affordable.

Signing up is simple. Go to and sign up as an advertiser. After the email confirmation you can start using their ads. First you need to deposit the money that you plan to spend. Then you will get several options for best possible promotion of your website or service.

As we previously said, Ads1K will assure quality traffic. All publishers are tested and they have proxy & bot traffic blockers. Because of the good and fast payouts, their publisher's network is growing each day. We concluded that because the traffic coming from our testing campaigns.

The campaigns offer great targeting options. You can target your campaigns according to language, geographic, devices etc. Also you can pause/resume campaigns whenever you want, you can block IP addresses and limit users to from same IP to see your ads repeatedly. Additionally, you can change the maximal bid and withdraw your money that are left in your account.

The support team is great. They are here for any problems and they can also suggest different options. Also their advertising campaign reports are amazing. The general report shows great amount of information and you will also get keyword/channel report, geographic report, site report and have access to see your payment history. Ads1K is certainly well-worthy try for every advertiser.

At the end of the day Ads1K is great way to get some additional targeted traffic on your website. Advertisers could use to get more traffic, sales and increase their rankings, while publishers could earn more.