Press Release –Surf-n-Squawk Video phone/no chat room

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 6:48 AM

Montesano, WA. 16.06.2015 From C & R Ltd.there comes a new communication app called Surf-n-Squawk Video Phone/No Chat room. It is one of the simplest, yet most functional new video call apps that you can find on the Google Play and Amazon app market. Made available only a few days ago, Video phone/no chat room will offer you hours of video talk with your family, friends or colleagues.

“ We wanted people to have a video phone that was actually a video phone and that everyone could afford. We would like to see friends and family stay in touch the way they were meant to stay in touch. Besides, "seeing is just better!"

Unlike the other video call apps, Surf-n-Squawk video phone/no chat room will enable you unlimited video calls for a small monthly fee. There are no messages or annoying and complicated settings. Just talk and enjoy. You can use it to hold live presentations, big screen public announcements, talk with your family, celebrate a birthday and even work with your colleagues. The great thing is that you can add up to 8 people and make group talk.

The app has clean and very intuitive UI. You will start using the app right away. There are no spammy ads, just clean and beautiful interface. Highly reliable and functional you can make unlimited calls and talk for hours if you feel like talking. You like to make long talks with your loved one? Surf-n-Squawk can definitely enable you that. This is the first worldwide video phone with no chat room. Get it for free on Google Play and Amazon