Virtous App Digest - Period & Ovulation Tracker

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 10:18 AM

Platform: iOS

What is good for:

- Tracking of your period & ovulation

- Period prediction

- Maintaining period diary 

Price: Free

Average Rating: 4.9

Most relevant user review:

"This tracks ovulation and period information and for the most part is accurate. The app is excellent overall because you don't have to "learn" to use the app. It is very quick and easy to use. I input the information for me and it gave the dates to conceive and not to conceive depending on if you are looking to get pregnant or not. The legend that shows the calendar tells when you are about to start and likely stop. There are push updates that are sent each day to keep a regular tab on your progress and becomes more accurate as more data is input. The calendar is colorful! I highly recommend this app! Right now it's free too! Also there are options you can input to make the app like a diary of your cycles to know when the next one is likely to begin."

iTunes Download Link: Period & Ovulation Tracker