Virtous Game Digest - Monsters Panic

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 12:31 PM

Monsters Panic is a new Android game that was released this month in the Arcade category. It caught our attention with its originality and interesting gameplay so we decided to present it to you in this game review.

Monsters Panic has simple goal. It is a reaction game that has simple goal – to protect the 2 monsters from crushing each other. We thought the game is simple and easy, but we were wrong. The game is challenging and definitely not easy. You need to avoid the small monster, but the side of where the small monster will run from changes. So, you will never be sure or know from which side you need to jump. On top of that your jump must be timed properly, because if you don’t the crush will occur anyway.  

The graphics of the game is very tasteful, full of creativity and cuteness. The creatures are very beautiful and compelling and everything functions properly. The controls are simple. If you want the monster that is running from the right to jump, just tap on the right side, or do the opposite for the other side.

The game is integrated with Google Play Games so you will have another motivation to achieve high score, you will be competing with the players of Monsters Panic from all around the world. Get the app for free on Google Play, we are sure it will offer you fun and entertaining times.

Google Play Download Link: Monsters Panic