Press Release - Grade tracking app starts on top for new school year

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 3:45 AM

September 1, 2015. The stylish Android app, Grade Tracker Pro, launched one year ago on September 1, 2014 with high hopes and a long way to go. Now, with powerful new features and a cosmetic overhaul, it begins the new school year as the most downloaded and top-rated app for tracking student grades and GPA.
Reception—what users say
It is clear from user feedback that Grade Tracker Pro is truly loved, achieving a 4.5/5 star rating from over 300 reviews and over 20,000 downloads. Students praise the app for providing a convenient and accurate way to stay on top of their grades and track their GPA.
User Gabe sums it up nicely: “Every student should have this simple and easy to use app. It keeps track of all of your grades easily and your running GPA so you always know how you're doing.”
And updates and improvements keep users happy: “Best grades app for android, has only gotten better with updates” – Robert.
Why the success?
Grade Tracker Pro has truly risen through the ranks in a saturated market to become arguably the best grade tracking app for Android. To what can we attribute this success?
1)      Free! Grade Tracker Pro is completely free with no ads or in-app purchases.
2)      Robust Features – Students can account for any situation with unlimited grades, weighted categories, custom grade scales, multiple semesters, extra credit, rounding, and much, much more. One of its most-loved features is a Grade Calculator, which can predict what a student needs on their next grade to achieve a certain average.
3)      Beautiful Design – Recent updates have incorporated Android’s Material Design, making for a beautiful and fluid user experience.
4)      Premium Support – Users praise the developer for happily engaging with users and answering questions. One student, Kenneth, reports “Best of all, Noah, the developer is always available for any questions or feedback via email. He is putting a lot of effort into this and deserves a kudo!”
5)      FAQ – The app includes an extensive FAQ to address any concerns. Not only is it informative, but it is kind of funny, too!
Who’s the developer?
The developer, Noah, at NSouthProductions is an Android hobbyist, developing Grade Tracker Pro and other high-quality education-related apps in his spare time.
What’s next?
NSouthProductions has promised to continue updates and improvements as the app becomes more ubiquitous and the user base clamours for more features. Rumoured improvements include support for pass/fail classes, the ability to set grade goals, assignment reminders, and more.