Press Release - Catch Tracker App

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 8:44 PM
Catch Tracker App – Get Local Fishing Reports, Lake's Location, List of Possible Species That are Spawning Estimated Water Temperature, Current Weather Conditions and Moon Phase.

Overland Park, KS - October 17, 2015 – Created by Fishing Notes Catch Tracker App is the new fishing app for Anglers that is one of the best new tools that passionate anglers and the fishing community can have on their iOS devices while they are on the road. Several passionate anglers were included in the creation of Catch Tracker all with one goal – to make the most utilized, useful and functional location based iOS app for anglers.

“We’ve worked really hard to produce a simple, yet handy tool for anglers, because we ourselves are passionate anglers as well. We tried to include as many data as possible, make it intuitive, private, simple and precise. We hope the fishing community will find it useful”, stated Wes Stueve from Fishing Notes.

The app features simple and easy access to any lake’s location, list of possible species that are spawning, water temperature, current weather conditions and moon phase. There are more than 35,000 lakes, reservoirs and local ponds included in the app. That makes it a highly reliable source of relevant information. 

Important – There is possibility to keep logs of your fishing activities and the data is private, unlike the other fishing apps.

That means that you can create private logs and save the image of your catch, info about the type of species, type of bait used, water clarity, sky clarity etc. The app has clean user interface that is very intuitive and joyful to use.

Catch Tracker is free and having it on your iPhone or iPad can only make you a better angler. There will be new features soon, the app will only be advanced and improved to have great value to the end users.
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