Virtous App Digest - Blended - Upgrade Your Style

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 6:19 PM

Do you want to take your style to a whole other level? Do you seek advice from real professionals around the world that can help you upgrade, change or discover a new fashion style that can not only improve your image, but also open new career opportunities. Well this is all available with the new iOS app called Blended. With Blended you will be able to talk with real professional styles around the globe for really affordable rates. We are talking about rates that vary from $25-$50/hr.

The app is neatly designed and very intuitive, we know you will not have any problems using it. After you set up an account, you can do your search and discover the best possible style mentors that will suit your budget and needs. When you buy a session, you are actually buying a face to face styling session through the app.

You can follow your style mentors and see what they are sharing, leave comments, give reviews to the style mentors etc. Every order is visible and manageable from the dashboard. Blended can be a great source of inspiration and new energy. It is useful for both consumers and stylists, because a new and upgraded style can open many opportunities for the consumers, while the app is also a great way to earn money for stylists. Get the app for free on the App Store and start improving your style or start earning from your expertise and knowledge.

App Store Download Link: Blended – Upgrade Your Style

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