Virtous Game Digest - Flying Simulator

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 9:49 AM

Do you like flying a real plane on your Android device? Well you should definitely try out the new Android app called Flying Simulator. It is a great game for aspiring pilots or basically anyone that wants to enjoy a realistic airplane game. It is a chance to get in the pilot’s seat and see how it is to fly a plane.

There are various game modes in the game. You can race against time, control a fire in the middle of the mountains or secure safe landing of the plane. There are 7 aircraft (Airbus, Boeing, B25, Mulligan, Hercules, Concord) to choose from and the standards Instrument Landing System.

The Flight Simulator also has altitude, heading, throttle and vertical speed. This is a 3D flight simulator that can entertain anyone. The developers did a great job with the aircraft selection and the backgrounds and surroundings in which you will operate the aircrafts. Great game that anyone can download for free.

Google Play Download Link: Flight Simulator