[Press Release] - VaultSecure PRO

Posted by hightechholic on 4:45 AM
London, 4 July, 2016. Developed by ZRL Alliance LTD, VaultSecure Pro app is the ultimate security data vault where you can keep your personal Photos, Videos, Voice memos, eWallet, and notepad private under lock and key. The app acts like a vault of everything you may feel important and want to be protected!

VaultSecure PRO additionally can sync all data so you have access across all your devices. It is easy to use, allows full control and protection of your personal data. Your private cloud will ensure you never lose your important personal data ever again.

“We wanted to create something intuitive, feature rich and powerful. App that will keep your personal data like photos, videos and memos secure from all the possible breaches and make all of the data accessible via the cloud. I think we managed it and we are pretty excited to hear the feedback about VaultSecure PRO”, stated Cindy Caan CEO of Vault Secure PRO.

The VaultSecure Pro App allows the highest level of customized data security for your Apple devices. Use PIN pad lock, fingerprint touch ID, facedown auto lock, create a fake PIN to protect the real Vault, and get visual break-in alerts. Also there is a possibility to get additional private cloud space.

Prevent family and friends from accessing your extremely personal photos and videos gallery when they are using your phone or tablet.

Hide and encrypt specific images and folders you choose to keep private and access them through a PIN pad. A great way to protect yourself from your significant other coming across those compromising personal selfies you just can’t stop taking.

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vault-secure-pro-app-keep/id1090305854?ls=1&mt=8

Contact number: 07947214301

Email ID: info@vaultsecurepro.com