Virtous App Digest – BuzzOut – Hangout Dialer

Posted by Stefan on 9:09 PM

App Name: BuzzOut – Hangout Dialer

Category: Communication

Platform: Android

Price: $1.99

Who is it for?

Users who use their phone dialer for chatting & hanging out with friends through their cell phones without having to worry about their phone bill and data plans.

Standout features:

· Awesome phone app that helps you maximizes the potential of Google Hangout Dialer app.

· Redirect all phone calls to Hang Out Dialer and automatically dials!

· Compatible with your car’s Bluetooth..

· Automatically exclude emergency numbers.

· Save country code & area code. This phone calling app automatically adds country code & area code as prefix to your phone calls. This will make sure that your Hangouts call will go through no matter where or what country you are in.

Developer: Demade Games LLC

Most Relevant User Review:

“Awesome app!!!! I've a data only plan and this app is working perfectly to make calls. Also, very friendly developer who actually listens to your feedback. 5 star app, worth every penny. Perfect for freedompop This app works perfectly with freedom pop service and let's you dial direct with hangouts. Thanks!”

Google Play Download Link: BuzzOut – Hangout Dialer