Virtous App Digest – CollaBoard

Posted by Stefan on 7:40 PM

App Name: CollaBoard

Category: Business

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Who is it for?

For business that work together, remotely, in real-time, on one single virtual workspace.

Standout features:

· Skype for Business integration

· Record audio and video

· Add expandable sticky notes

· Take photos

· Drag & Drop files from your system to the board

· Write and add notes with your digital pen

· Organize sticky notes, documents and more in Library folders

· Submit your input by using voice commands

Developer: IBV Informatik Beratungs und Vertriebs AG

Most Relevant User Review:

“As a creative, I was looking for an app to create beautiful inspiration boards with different media: texts, but also audio, photo and video. This one does it!! Also, I love the fact that the sticky notes can be enlarged, it's like having as many whiteboards in the inspiration board as you want - such a useful function”

Windows Store Download Link: CollaBoard
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