Virtous App Digest – Gabber map

Posted by Stefan on 1:25 PM

App Name: Gabber map

Category: Travel

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Gabber map is the best platform as well as navigation tool for people who love to visit/share about cool places and enjoy talking with others about these fun spots. Gabbermap is a new way to communicate, as well as find interesting stuff, all placed on a map grid. Most maps and city guides show you the attractions, landmarks, and dining options that you can find anywhere but Gabber map will even show you a garage sale down the street or how long of a wait there is at your favorite restaurant.

Standout features:

* Easily map and share locations with friends

* Follow experts for top city recommendations

* Search for anything you want! Tasty food, local events, street art, Pokémon…anything goes!

* Join conversations about any place in the world

Developer: Place Pixel Inc

Most Relevant User Review:

“Very interesting app!!!! i got a lot of Pokémon use this application!!!! Also i can get a lot of information about some interesting events in my town!”

App Store Download Link: Gabber map
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