Virtous App of the Week - Progress Graphs

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 12:04 PM

Presented in our Virtous App Digest section, Progress Graphs was the most useful app we presented app we presented the last week. With a goal to organize multiple aspects in your life and really help you plan and execute better, this productivity and to-do app is an unique way to organize smarter and better!

The app is free for both iOS and Android mobile devices. After you download and create you’re able to create progress graphs (these can be important moments/goals and events in your life). After you set the progress graph you can add events and notes with heading & sub-texts, dates, multiple images upload with or without input of texts, download your content into PDF format, share it via email or other compatible apps, create and access your lists (they called it ‘Graphs’) while offline and much more!

You even have the ability to create your own photo albums related to your life or some event. Here are the end users that will benefit the most from the top-notch features of Progress Graphs.

1. Working Professional Family With Small Kids: It will help them to manage to do list in effective way in easy to read format, create photo or baby album and at the same time help them plan & visualize where their career taking them where goal setting comes into picture.

2. New Parents: Parents can create timeline of their baby right from their first ultrasound to visualize their growth with the themes like, horizontal timelines, baby photo album, picture album. They can scroll it on Big TV with auto scroll and music option or download into PDF format. Content in 100% private store on their device.

3. Students to Create Timeline Projects

4. Recent graduates to start career professionals: This app allows visual resume creation.

Progress Graphs can really make a lasting change in anoyone's life. Get it for free from the links bellow.

App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

Google Play Download Link: Progress Graphs

YouTube: Progress Graphs

Facebook: Progress Graphs

Official Website: Progress Graphs