Virtous Game Digest – [Physics Draw]

Posted by Stefan on 2:19 PM

App Name: Physics Draw

Category: Arcade

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Physics Draw is a new physics-based arcade game that takes your creativity and problem-solving skills to next level. The basic gameplay of Physics Draw is pretty easy to understand. Players of all ages wouldn’t have difficulties understanding how it’s played. You just have to make the blue dot and the pink dot hit each other by drawing lines or images. You’re free to draw anything. There are no limits to what you can do in the game. Get as basic or as creative as you can.

Standout features:

It is a simple straightforward concept with a clean design.
This game is made for everybody. Children and adults can play
It is a great game to exercise your brain. Test your senses of logic, your ability to visualize, and challenge yourself to think ahead.
You can pick up from anywhere you left at any time.
Play it anywhere and anytime as there is no internet connectivity needed.

Developer: SPEED LIFE SA

Most Relevant User Review:

“Wonderful & fresh game idea... It is just such a great game. The gameplay is so smooth; music isn't annoying or dreadful & very pleasing to the eyes”

Google Play Download Link: Physics Draw