Virtous App Diggest – Soccer Ball Shooter 2018

Posted by Stefan on 1:43 PM

App Name: Soccer Ball Shooter 2018 App

Category: Sports

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Let us introduce you to the Soccer Ball Shooter 2018, a perfect sports game for all of you football/soccer fans and lovers of sports types of mobile games. An epic fun and addictive gameplay are what we can guarantee. Hope you already have some required skills, such as focus, great attention, and reaction abilities because you’ll need them in order to master the game by scoring goals much as you can.

Standout features:

✔️ Addictive soccer ball shooter game
✔️ Shoot the ball to score more goals in a crazy shootout game
✔️ Earn points for each goal scored
✔️ Increasing difficulties as you play the addictive soccer shooting games
✔️ 5 lives in each gameplay
✔️ Overpower the obstacles
✔️ Unlimited replay options
✔️ Improve your scores with each attempt
✔️ Test your goal shooting game skills
✔️ FREE to play football shootout game for all ages


Google Play Download Link: Soccer Ball Shooter 2018