Virtous App Digest– Stress Buoy

Posted by stamenkovskalj on 10:12 PM

App Name: Stress Buoy  

Category: Health & Fitness 

Platform: IOS and Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For users that want to lead a joyful life.  

For users that need an anti-anxiety app to say goodbye to stress.  


Standout Features:  

  • Track your daily stresses and joys 
  • Listen and process stress with mindfulness sessions  
  • Dream-time stories to sleep better 
  • Stay fit and track workouts from 100 popular workouts 
  • Basic Insights  
  • Exclusive programs 
  • Journal to track the highlights of your day with photos 
  • Advanced insights in the premium version of the app 
  • Unlock mindfulness and dream-time stories  
  • Free for download  

Developer: YABBLE Digital 

App Store Download Link: Stress Buoy  

Google Play Download Link: Stress Buoy