Virtous Tech News - GPSWOX Transform your iPhone, Android, Windows mobile to GPS Tracker

Are you worried that someone may steal your vehicle? Are you a business owner and worry where your employees move throughout the day? Do you want to follow certain individual just to take care of her/his safety? Well today we will talk about GPSWOX, one of the best software products that will enable the best possible tracking via GPS devices. It will enable you to exactly follow all of the objects you desire to follow on your computer. The software is compatible with Android, iOS or Windows smartphones thus making it one of the best gps tracking application. Lets see the features. It is based from my personal experience.

Features of GPSWOX

First of all it is very easy to set up and start using it. All you need to do is sign up for free with your email, then you will get activation link and your account is created. After that you can add devices or events. You can manage everything from your browser on your desktop computer or via app.
If you choose to add device you’ll need to add name and IMEI or Device identifier. GPSWOX  will then locate your device and show you the exact location.

After that you can easily create events. One type of event for example would be when an object enters or exits particular geo-zone. If that occurs you will get system pop-up window or you will be informed via email. The cool thing is that you will have everything in the history section. Every event and device is registered there and you can later use them in different formats (XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT).

You can even check tank fuel and fuel consumption while the object you follow is moving. You can follow its speeding, rapid acceleration or braking etc. If you improve the driver’s behavior you will save fuel. It is simple as that. On top of that you can prevent yourself from theft and fraud that are really frequent in the transportation businesses.

You can also add points of interest on a certain location you plan to visit. For example you can add gas stations, hotels, restaurants and you can even add description on them.


I have used GPSWOX  on 4 occasions and it never disappointed me. It is fast, highly functional and it offers great set of features. Families and businesses should definitely try it. You can use it for free and if you like it then you should upgrade it for even wider and better experience. It can be really beneficial for both, personal and business use. It works with the majority of GPS tracking devices and it has apps for the 3 major mobile operating systems. Start using it for free and sign up on