Virtous App Diggest – Serve an Offer

App Name: Serve an Offer

Category: Shopping

Platform: Android, IOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Serve an Offer is great for anyone that wants to shop smart. Anyone who want to buy products or services and save some great amount of money at the same time. With our today’s proposal of an app, you can easily find anything you want and get it for a great deal that will be good for your pocket.

Standout features:

-Easy to use & user-friendly online offers app
-Request an offer for anything you want to buy
-Sellers submit offers & compete to win your business
-Get multiple offers from sellers in quick time
-The deals are delivered to you
-Select the best offer & win with extra savings
-Different buying categories for your needs
-Pay only 1$ to submit an offer


Official Website: Serve an Offer