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Saturday, March 26, 2016

iPhone SE: 5 Things Before Buying! (Should I buy the iPhone SE)

Apple just released iPhone SE few days ago. It is a smaller, cheaper version of their flagship smartphone iPhone 6S. Check out the video bellow to know the 5 things that are important before buying. The phone reminds very much of the iPhone 5S, but still it is a classic Apple design that is worth having in mind if you are in a search for a new smartphone.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Press Release Murderer Online

[Warning] This game includes intense violence, gore, and gruesome descriptions.

Shush! Do not dare to breathe. It might be your final breath.

Creepy, horrifying feast of murder. Breathless, intense horror game between a cruel murderer and beautiful fugitive.

Will you be a brutal murderer, or a fugitive who runs away and hides from a murderer?

Using various geographic features, a murderer can feel the excitement of finding and killing a beauty who tries to hide or run away. A fugitive can experience the extreme tension and thrill of escaping and hiding from the murderer, as well as the horror and fear of not knowing when you will be killed.

[Key Features]

- In RUMBLE MODE, you can have a face-to-face contest to choose the strongest murderer.

- Over 10 murderer characters with strong personalities offered.

- Various situations created through crawling, jumping, and many other functions.

- View-Jacking function to check the location and movement of a murderer by stealing his/her eyes.

- With the transparency function, you can temporarily avoid a murderer’s eyes.

- Through the heart color that gradually turns red, you can predict the distance between you and a murderer.

- By accumulating the number of killing and points, you can upgrade the murderer’s skills.
1. You can feel the murderer’s heartbeat sound more clearly if you wear headphones.
2. You cannot recover the game once it is deleted.
*Play the game for your life.
* One sheet of Request for Revival will be used.
* Revival Order Sheet
* Points will be charged because you don't have enough Revival Order sheets.
* Charging