Virtous App Digest – XtayPro

App Name: XtayPro

Category: Shopping

Platform: Android; iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For users that want to post their trip and help others get items from overseas, they like and for users to request items from travelers

Standout Features:

  • Amazing sharing economy platform
  • For transportation of small and medium-sized parcels
  • Utilizes the spare luggage space of travelers
  • Provides users with 3 main services
  • Easy search for the products you want
  • Post your trip or request
  • Get matched quickly
  • Escrow service to ensure your transactions
  • Make friends and get to know new cultures
  • Rate the service and get rated yourself
  • Free for download

Developer: XtayPro Joint Stock Company

Official Website: XtayPro

Official Website: XtayPro

App Store Download Link: XtayPro

Google Play Download Link: XtayPro