Mac Software Review – Organize your Mac’s desktop with iCollections

Naarakstudio is one of the most creative, quality and neat developing studio for Mac apps. One of their latest additions is the amazing neat and handy app called iCollections. It is an app that will enable you to easily create areas on your Mac desktop and put icons from your most used apps or files in them. You will remain organized, productive and will have everything available in one lovely and compelling manner.

Your iCollections will look compelling because they are actually shaded windows that look really cool and can be customized. The great thing about these collections is that you can customize them as you want i.e you can label, highlight, re-size and move them around. You will also have the same functions for accessing. You can simply open and open with, rename, remove, view, copy etc.
Basically, not only that iCollections will offer you great functionality, you will be able to change its looks as well to fit your wallpaper or theme much better. 

This applications is smooth, slick, fast and beautiful, it’s just goes perfectly well with the Apple brand and products. On top of that, the app is light and it wouldn’t cause any problems to your Mac’s desktop. Definitely it is a beautiful productivity tool that will keep things on your desktop organized in a compelling manner. Get it here.